Devil Dog Arms is Our New Title Sponsor

We are excited to welcome Devil Dog Arms as our 2015 season Atlanta 3-Gun title sponsor. Founded by Marine Scout Snipers and gun enthusiasts in 2009, DDA manufacturers high quality made in the USA AR-15 platform rifles, parts and accessories. With a focus on OEM, LE/MIL, Commercial and Competition markets, DDA brings attention to the needs of each segment and manufactures a dead solid reliable rifle supported by well thought out parts and accessories.

For 2015, Devil Dog Arms has committed significant resources to the promotion and growth of competition shooting, including a complete line of AR-15 style rifles complementary to the unique needs and tastes of the female shooter. The new Girls Guide to Guns (GG2G) branded rifles will feature all the same high quality components featured in the Devil Dog line of rifles, but with the Natalie Foster touch for women.

A3G Press Release

  • CPWSA-90x30

  • freedomMunitions-90x30

  • xtremeBullets-90x30

  • jabs-90x30

  • notRightShooters-90x30

  • nightforce-90x30