Not Right Shooters Added as a Match Sponsor

Jeffrey Abraham is a familiar face at our monthly matches. You can always spot him in his Not Right Shooter’s jersey showing how it’s done Lefty Style. Not Right Shooters, LLC has joined on as a Match Sponsor for the 2014 season and we couldn’t be happier. Our sponsors are involved in our matches in a personal level and that has had great transfer to the personal attention they give to our competitors and the 3-Gun community as a whole.

Not Right Shooters offers something special with their Class 3 FFL providing suppressor products from all the major players in the field. Jeffrey takes it a step further and brings his personal experience to help guide you through the paperwork and legal hoops that must be in place to ensure your legal ownership of these products. Whether you are a lefty taking advantage of the great collection of hard to find left-hand friendly accessories, or just trying hard to grab those hard to find competition and personal defense goodies no one seems to stock, give Not Right Shooters a try.

A3G Press Release

CPWSA joins A3G as Our Newest Sponsor

Chris Patty, owner of Chris Patty’s Winning Shooting Accessories (CPWSA) has been a fixture in the 3-gun scene since there was a 3-gun scene. Having been an avid shooter on both an amateur and a professional level with 3-Gun Nation, Chris knows what works and what what doesn’t when shooting 3-gun matches. CPWSA is a natural extension of that knowledge bringing together a wide selection of best in class products targeted to competitive shooting in general and 3-gun specifically. Chris is a local and respected shooter always willing to share his insite and experience with new and experienced shooters. A3G is thrilled to bring CPWSA into the family of our sponsors for the 2014 match season and we encourage you all to support CPWSA as he is supporting Atlanta 3-Gun.

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Noveske 5.56 Upper to be Awarded at Every 2014 Match!

Noveske Rifleworks has really stepped up as our title sponsor for 2014 by providing us with a supply of Noveske Recce Basic AR Uppers in 5.56mm caliber. One upper will be awarded by random drawing among all registered and attending competitors at each of our matches during the 2014 season. We will have the uppers in hand so you won’t even have to bother with redeeming a certificate for your prize and waiting for it to be shipped. Talk about instant gratification!

The Noveske Recce Basic Upper offers these great features!


  • Noveske 5.56mm caliber 16″ with 1/7 twist
  • Mid-Length Gas System
  • Fixed front sight base, F marked, .750
  • Barrel extension with extended feed ramps
  • ½ 28 threaded with an AAC Blackout Non-Mount

Upper Receiver

  • Gen I flat-top receiver with extended feed ramps
  • Hardcoat anodizing, Type III Finish
  • Charging Handle- MOD 4 Gun Fighter
  • Shot peened & MP tested bolt
  • Auto carrier with staked carrier key


  • M4 type with double aluminum heat shield


  • CPWSA-90x30

  • freedomMunitions-90x30

  • xtremeBullets-90x30

  • jabs-90x30

  • notRightShooters-90x30

  • nightforce-90x30