Seekins Precision is our 2016 Title Sponsor

Atlanta, Georgia and Lewiston, Idaho. January 8th, 2016.

Atlanta 3-Gun Inc. (A3G) today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement with Seekins Precision to become Title Sponsor for the monthly Atlanta 3-Gun Challenge match series as of January 2016, operating under the 3-Gun Nation (3GN) Regional Series rules format.
The competition will be known as “The Atlanta 3-Gun Challenge Presented by Seekins Precision”.

This close collaboration between A3G, 3GN and SEEKINS will continue to provide a unique opportunity to deliver a tailor made, high-quality, major match shooting experience for competitive 3 gunners of all skill levels in a way that is exciting, family friendly, and camera ready.

About Seekins Precision

A 2004 deer hunt that was unsuccessful due to broken scope rings spurred Glen Seekins to develop a concept for rings that could withstand the elements of the Idaho mountains and thus the seeds of Seekins Precision were sown. The next decade Seekins Precision grew very rapidly, and grew from the Seekins family garage to the 25,000 square feet premises that the company run by Glen and his wife Katie now occupy. That growth and expansion has resulted in very high level innovation and product development to include more than ten major product lines (including complete rifles) since its inception.

The Seekins’ version of The American Dream has been realized in the ten years Seekins Precision has been in business, and they are grateful to the customers and friends they have made over the years. It is a testament to the strong Seekins design philosophies that the design of the original SP Scope Rings has not changed since it was first mounted on Glen’s hunting rifle in 2004.

A3G Press Release

Devil Dog Arms is Our New Title Sponsor

We are excited to welcome Devil Dog Arms as our 2015 season Atlanta 3-Gun title sponsor. Founded by Marine Scout Snipers and gun enthusiasts in 2009, DDA manufacturers high quality made in the USA AR-15 platform rifles, parts and accessories. With a focus on OEM, LE/MIL, Commercial and Competition markets, DDA brings attention to the needs of each segment and manufactures a dead solid reliable rifle supported by well thought out parts and accessories.

For 2015, Devil Dog Arms has committed significant resources to the promotion and growth of competition shooting, including a complete line of AR-15 style rifles complementary to the unique needs and tastes of the female shooter. The new Girls Guide to Guns (GG2G) branded rifles will feature all the same high quality components featured in the Devil Dog line of rifles, but with the Natalie Foster touch for women.

A3G Press Release

Remington Added as a Match Sponsor


Newest 3-Gun Match Sponsor Arrives in Georgia this January

Atlanta, Georgia and Madison, North Carolina, January 5, 2015.

Atlanta 3 Gun Inc. (A3G) today announced a definitive agreement with Remington Arms, LLC. (Remington) to become Match Sponsor for their monthly 3-gun shooting competition starting January 2015 under the 3-Gun Nation rules format. The competition is known as the Atlanta 3-Gun Challenge and will feature the Remington brand prominently at all the matches through 2015.

The close collaboration of A3G, 3-Gun Nation, Devil Dog Arms, and Remington will provide a unique opportunity to deliver a tailor-made, high-quality shooting experience for competitive 3 gunners of all skill levels in a way that is exciting, family friendly, and camera ready.

The Atlanta 3-Gun Challenge has been purpose built under the 3-Gun Nation rules and integrated into the 3-Gun Nation Club Series to provide the competitors from the Atlanta area and nearby states, a venue to compete at the Club, Regional, Pro level. Our location and facilities make this possible without extended travel or expense. This makes us poised to be the premier 3-Gun and Multi-Gun facility in the Southeast. This match is also the home range for the Noveske Shooting Team, showcasing the latest in Noveske offerings and the Remington Versamax shotgun line.

Our monthly events are held at the South River Gun Club (SRGC) located in Conyers, Georgia; just Southeast of downtown Atlanta. The SRGC venue is ideal for the match as it is within easy striking distance of several interstates to accommodate visiting shooters from surrounding states. It is the venue for the first leg of the 2015 Remington Versamax Shotgun Championship Series and has been a stop for the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series in the past.

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